Compact Mobile GPU - GB Series


Specially designed at conception for military use, the GUINAULT GA45, GB45/20 and GC20 Ground Power Units are the perfect solution for providing 400 Hz or 28 Vdc electrical power for regional aircraft.

Their compactness is unrivalled in the market (being only 1.1 m high), which significantly reduces the risk of accidents on the tarmac.

The strong performance of the dual voltage GUINAULT alternator makes it possible to use an oil cooled DEUTZ COMPACT engine, without water cooling. Maintenance and fuel consumption are reduced. The 9-phase GUINAULT alternator provides a high quality direct current (18 pulses).

A Low-Cost market-leading airline (being highly cost sensitive) selected the GUINAULT compact generator based on a comparative analysis of existing products available on the market.

The choice of the GUINAULT product was made, based upon the following criteria:

  • • Low maintenance cost
  • • The lowest fuel consumption
  • • Ease of manoeuvre of the GPUs (1200 kg / 2060 x 1430 x 1 120 mm)

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